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First Time buying a Glass Fence? Read this!

Buying a balustrade or frameless glass fence? Read this first 

Are you one of thousands of people thinking to upgrade the looks of your home by acquiring a glass fence for your pool, stairway or balustrade? Well then we would like to congratulate you because you are investing in your homes future, which will also give your home a contemporary look.

But before you get started with your project there are certain things you need to know which otherwise can end up with major disappointment and major loss of financial means.

Firstly glass panels are not cheap, you will be looking at somewhere at $300 to $700 a panel depending on size, modification, quality and state. Do the math yourself, say you need 15 meters with a price of $500/meter that is $7,500 not counting the job and other small-related costs. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

A glass panel as opposed to the traditional steel fencing looks great, is safe and will add value to your home. It is definitely an investment for the future and will enhance the look and feel of your home.

Can I do it my self to save on the cost?

Sure you can, but this is not a simply job. You need to be sure of every single aspect from measurement, to quality of glass, fencing regulations and do the whole drilling your self. Would risk all this to save couple of hundred, I don’t think so. Not to mention that when choosing a professional to install your glass fence for you, they offer workmanship warranty and in an event something goes wrong, all expenses are covered. It is your responsibility to ask for the right warranty papers and your rights in an event something will go wrong.

There are so many companies who should I choose?

The beauty with this industry is that it has a lot of competitors and partners hence the prices will go down and the quality of work up due to the competition. You are free to consult with all companies and nowadays most of them offer free consultation and price estimation. If you are quoted a higher price from one vendor, don’t simply turn your head, there is always a reason for their pricing. Consult with as many as possible until you are 100% sure of the people you want to build your glass fence & frameless balustrade.

How can I be sure of the quality? Are there regulations in place?

Yes. Australia oppose tough laws when it comes to standards as fencing essentially it a protection whether its for a balcony, stair way or swimming pool. There are extremely tough Australian standard in place to protect consumers from any low quality glass. While most companies nowadays supply Australian standard materials, there are still companies that install low quality supplies which will soon break and the financial burden be passed on your. Be very clear with the people you choose to install your fence, as it’s your choice of quality and price.

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