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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Perth

Servicing all of Perth, our frameless glass fencing is our most luxurious and sophisticated pool fencing option. This elegant frameless fencing option opens the view of your pool and the landscape surrounding it.

Safety being our first concern, we use an A class 12mm toughened safety glass exceeding the Australian standards for your peace of mind. These panels come with multiple fixing options to suit your need. Most commonly they are mounted to spigots on the ground, pin fixed on a sidewall or channel fixed. Installation can be made on almost all surfaces. Gates are mounted with Polaris soft close hinges currently the best hinges on the market.

We are happy to assist you with any personal need such as customized curved or bent glass. Custom glass is increasing in popularity to fit the design of our homes.

  • 12mm Toughened Safety glass
  • Glass can be customised after your needs
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • 316 Marine grade spigots, pin fixing and steel sunken channel
  • Extended Warranty


Benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

The Frameless glass pool fencing at Coastal Fencing brings out your pool’s great highlights while at the same time ensuring that your family is safe. The view of your yard is not obstructed and the entire scene is not tarnished.

There was a time when frameless glass pool fencing was not favoured because of the relatively higher cost than the framed glass fence, but because of the advent of new technology and subsequently better production methodologies, the price has come down to a great extent and that makes frameless glass pool fencing all the more popular. When you’ve invested a lot of money on a pool, it seems prudent to have a matching fence around it that your kids and family would enjoy, rather than having an old fashioned fence spoil the show.