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Pool Fencing Regulation in Western Australia & Perth

Many of our customers ask us questions related to fencing regulation in WA. It is important that you are aware of the current regulation related to your pool fence to avoid fines and foremost minimize the chance of a tragic event.

In the past 10 years, more than a dozen toddlers drowned in Western Australia due to poorly installed fencing or negligence buy builders. 94 percent of all the incidents happens in domestic swimming pools in and around our homes, It is unfortunately a high number as it could easily be prevented.

Most of the drownings occur due to the fact there is no protective fence between the house and the swimming pool area. Since the early 90’s, strict regulation have been put it place to restrict unsupervised children to enter a pool area.


When do you need to install a pool fence?

Spas and pools with a depth over 300mm need to have a Fence. If your pool was installed after first July 1992, a fence is required between the home and water area.

Remember that a building permit is required prior to installing a fence, barriers, windows and gates. Once the permit is granted and the barriers built, then you are allowed to fill your pool with water.


I have an above ground pool. Do I still need a fence?

Answer is Yes. Wheatear it’s an in-ground, aboveground or indoor pool, you are required to have a fence.


Are there a dimension requirement for my pool fencing?

The minimum height is 1200mm measured on the side closest to your home. It also requires a 900mm distance between the horizontal surfaces of your fence.

Gates and fittings must be installed so that they open AWAY from the pool. The building commission has strict regulation on gate clearance, hinges, latch fittings and release mechanism.

You also need to be aware of the fence spacing between your panels. The gap should be no more than 10 mm and less than 100 mm from the fence stabilizer to the ground.  Your fence should also be checked so it is non-climb friendly.


 Are there any requirements on the material used?

Long-lasting and though materials such as toughened glass used by us all comply and go beyond the standard in Australia. We are proud to supply our customers with material that we know will last forever. If you have any questions regarding the quality of our products, please call one of our clients.

It’s a fun experience to install a pool and fence or simply renew your old fencing to a modern semi frameless or frameless glass pool fencing. However it comes with responsibilities to avoid unnecessary death.

Coastal Fencing will guarantee you that all fencing installed does comply with the state regulation. If you have any further questions please contact us.

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